New Century TRS Holdings bankruptcy

Earlier this summer, the Delaware Bankruptcy Court issued an opinion in the New Century Holdings bankruptcy addressing the definition and purpose of the “Divestiture Rule.”  See Carr v. New Century TRS Holdings, Inc. (In re New Century TRS Holdings, Inc.), Adv. No. 09-52251(KJC)(Bankr. D. Del. June 7, 2012)(hereinafter “Opinion at *___”).  Under the Divestiture


In a 14 page opinion published June 7, 2011, Judge Carey ruled that publication of notice in only two newspapers was insufficient information to grant a motion to dismiss based on adequacy of notice. Judge Carey’s opinion is available here (the “Opinion”).


New Century TRS Holdings, Inc. (the “Debtor”), filed


Two weeks ago,  preference actions were commenced against a long list of defendants in the New Century Mortgage (“New Century”) and Tweeter Home Entertainment (“Tweeter”) bankruptcies.  The plaintiff in the New Century preference actions is Alan M. Jacobs, the liquidating trustee authorized under New Century’s Second Amended Plan of Liquidation to commence and prosecute