Judge Carey released an order amending his Memorandum Opinion dated May 10, 2011 in the New Century TRS Holdings, Inc. bankruptcy. His previous opinion had misstated the amount of a settlement between the two parties in the adversary proceeding which gave rise to the opinion. Through this order, the misstated settlement amount was corrected to reflect that the settlement amount was $60,000 rather than $65,000 as contained in Judge Carey’s original Opinion.A link to Judge Carey’s most recent order is here.

As is my custom when discussing changed opinions, here is a link to the old opinion.

And my summary of the opinion, which remains unchanged, is here.

Multiple Decisions in New Century TRS Holdings, Inc., Hold: When You Settle a Claim, You Get What You Contract For

It is good to know that when something is wrong, you can count on the Delaware Judiciary to help you get it fixed. Just be sure to ask for it using the correct methods. In this instance a motion was used, in other situations, it may only take a phone call.