On February 1, 2010, the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware revised its Local Rules.  A clean copy of the Local Rules are available here.  To view the changes made to the prior Local Rules, a "red line" copy of the Local Rules are available here.  Most of the changes to the Rules concern recent revisions to the calculation of time set forth in the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure Amendments.  The following are some of the revisions to the Rules that do not involve computation of time:

Local Rule 2002-1(d):  Language to the Local Rule concerning Entries of Appearance was added to read "[a]ny entity that requests, in a particular case or adversary proceeding, service of documents by receipt of ECF notices or by email only, needs to complete Local Form 114 Consent to Service of Documents by Receipt of ECF Notice or Email in Chapter 11 Cases."

Local Rule 9019-1:  Interested parties can submit consensual orders to the Court resolving objections to motions, claim objections and other pleadings by filing a Certificate of Counsel.  The Certificate of Counsel must be signed by Delaware counsel.  L.R. 9019-1(a).  Further, if there is an objection deadline, the Certificate of Counsel cannot be filed until 48 hours after such deadline.  L.R. 9019-1(b). 

Local Rule 9019-2(e):  For matters that are assigned to mediation, the parties must select a mediator selected from the Court’s Register of Mediators, unless the parties stipulate and agree to a mediator not on the Register.